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Account Service Fees

Savings Account Fees
Closing an account within the first 90 days $ 15.00 per account
Copy of a Statement
$ 5.00 per copy
Less Than Minimum Balance $2.00 per month
Checking Account Fees
NSF Fee $ 25.00 per item
Stop Payment $ 15.00 per item
Copy of Draft $ 5.00 per copy
Copy of a Statement $ 5.00 per copy
Check Printing price varies with style
Free Checks for Members over 60  

Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)
Inactive Account Fee $2.00 per month
Christmas Club Withdrawals Prior to Maturity $ 5.00 per withdrawal
Fax/Copy Machine Use $ 5.00 per page
Deposit Item Return $ 15.00 per return
Debit Card Overdraft $ 25.00 per overdraft
Wire Transfer $ 15.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer (International) $ 35.00 per transfer
IRA Closure $ 20.00 per account
Traveler’s Checks $ 1.00 per hundred
Traveler’s Checks (2 Party) $ 1.50 per hundred
Canadian Items $ 10.00 per item
Legal Processing Fee for Writs, Summonses, Liens and Levies $ 25.00  
Incorrect Address Fee $ 2.00  
Title Replacement Fee $33.00  
Late Title Fee $50.00  
VISA Gift Card Fee $3.00  
Coin Machine 5% of total coins donated to charity

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
Card from another institution $ 2.00 per transaction
New PIN mailed $ 3.00  

Complaint Resolution Procedure

If you have a dispute with Saco Valley Credit Union regarding your accounts(s), you may contact us at 207-282-6169 and attempt to resolve the problem directly. If we fail to resolve the problem, communicate the problem and the resolution you are seeking to:

Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions
Consumer Outreach Program
36 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0036

To File a complaint electronically, you may contact the Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions at the following internet address.

The Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions will acknowledge receipt of your complaint promptly and investigate your claim. You will be informed of the results of the investigation.

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