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Frequently Asked Questions Mobile Banking

Q. What is mobile banking?

A. Mobile Banking is a service that allows you to perform online banking transactions from your mobile device.  With mobile banking, members have the added convenience of knowing that they can safely access their credit union account virtually anytime, anywhere with their mobile device.

Q. Is Mobile Banking free?

A. Yes, Mobile Banking is a FREE service from Saco Valley Credit Union. However, standard wireless carrier data and text message rates may apply.

Q. Is Mobile Banking Secure?

A. The mobile banking applications and mobile banking website uses multi-factor authentication for user verification and secure all data transmission with 128-bit SSL encryption. This is the same encryption used by the online banking site.

Q. What login information do I use for Mobile Banking?

A. Your username and password are the same as for Online Banking.

Q. Can I use multiple mobile devices to access Mobile Banking

A. Yes, you can register and access multiple mobile devices to access Saco Valley Credit Union's Mobile Banking Service. 

Q. What are Mobile Applications?

A. Mobile Applications are software applications designed for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Saco Valley Credit Union's applications can be downloaded directly to the mobile device and the user has the ability to perform functions such as banking transactions without using the mobile browser.

Q. What is the difference between a Mobile Website and an App?

A. Mobile Websites allow mobile users to access the Internet from the browser on their phone and the display is typically designed for handhelds with a touch-screen interface. Mobile applications do not use the phone's web browser to function.

Q. How do I download the Saco Valley Credit Union's Mobile Banking Application (App) to an iPhone?

A. To download Saco Valley Credit Union's Mobile Application to your iPhone, please visit the Apple App Store in iTunes. The application can be downloaded for FREE.

Q. What is WAP?

A. Similar to a computer-based web browser, the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enables you to connect to the Internet from a mobile phone or PDA.

Q. What is SMS?

A. More commonly referred to as text messaging, Short Message Service (SMS) uses standardized communication protocols that allow for the exchange of short messages between mobile phone devices.

Other Information

  1. A checking account is required for BillPay e-Plus access; accounts must be registered via Online prior to using Bill Pay on mobile.
  2. Transfers between linked accounts must be previously set-up by contacting us at 207-282-6169.
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